Consulting Information

Services, Policies and Procedures

Family Life Consulting:  Improving relationships, communication and problem solving.  Improving routine parenting, or solving behavior problems, special needs parenting for health, behavior and learning concerns.

Complex Case Coordination:  for families with a special needs child or children as well as Family Caregiver Consulting for families of a special needs adult, or eldercare.

Educational Consulting:  Behavioral and educational problem solving, gifted and twice-exceptional children and teen resources, executive function consulting for 3-12, homeschooling consulting, identifying and applying to schools and colleges-pre-school through college, identifying and applying to enrichment programs, such as camps and internships, and relocation to or from the Greater Bay Area.

Personal Wellness Consulting:  Stress reduction and management, sleep improvement consulting for adults and children (sleep hygiene), Improving assertiveness and communication skills, sexual health consulting for men, women and couples, consultation regarding managing the stress of fertility treatment or adoption and workplace personnel consulting and problem solving.

Inquiries and Appointments:

I prefer to be contacted by e-mail at for questions and routine appointment scheduling.  If you prefer to telephone, please call 650 380-0022 and leave your full name, your phone number including area code and the best times to reach you. If your need to be reached regarding an urgent matter, or an emergency, please call 415 515-3577 and I will answer, or call back at my next break. For routine messages, please e-mail or call again if I have not reached you with 24 hours.

I consider consulting to be a highly collaborative process in which we exchange information in order to further your goals. Please read the description of my services of family life consulting, educational consulting, personal wellness consulting and personnel consulting. Consulting is not psychotherapy; I do not diagnose or treat mental disorders, but I can refer you if necessary.

At our first meeting we will identify your goals and objectives.  We will discuss a plan for accomplish those goals and objectives. In most cases there will be a series of meetings.  Individuals, families and the consultant will continue to work on the plan in between meetings.  If necessary to accomplish your goals and objectives I will refer you to trusted physicians, psychologists or other clinicians and specialists.  Meeting in person is always preferable but if we agree, we can meet by phone or FaceTime.  Depending on your location we can arrange to meet at one of my offices, your home, your child’s school (educational consulting) or your office.


San Francisco:  This location is in transition

San Jose:  Saturdays daytime, and Sunday afternoons: 3880 South Bascom Avenue, San Jose 95124, Suite #115. Door code will be provided when you make the appointment.  Although I enjoy a collegial relationship with the Child and Family Counseling Group at this office, I am self-employed and not affiliated with CFCG.

Other:  Appointments can be arranged as necessary at your home, your office or your child’s school when appropriate. Appointments are available by phone, FaceTime and Zoom.

Confidentiality and Security:

Any information you share with me will be held in confidence unless you give me written consent to disclose the information, or if the disclosure is required by law. To avoid confusion, I will not communicate with school personnel unless a parent is present, even with written consent.  Information communicated to me by a minor may be shared with a parent or guardian.  Any communication with a minor will include the parent or guardian.  The parent or guardian is welcome to attend any consultation with their child or teen.


I charge $200 for each hour of service and $50 for each 15 minutes of work on behalf of a client, family or organization. Sometimes it is necessary to charge 50% for substantial travel time.  I accept cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard.  I request payment at the time of service.  Checks may be mailed to 303 Ferne Avenue Palo Alto CA 94306.                Medical insurance does not usually cover consulting.  Please ask your own HSA to determine if consulting is covered, but the client is responsible for payment.  Please consult your own tax advisor to determine if your consultation fees are tax deductible.